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Ion Beams Surface Treatment


Treatment of Surface with Intense Ion Beams

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  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials
  • PHY-PFA/Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics/Physics

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Senior Project Manager
Mitina L M

Leading Institute
NIKIMT (Institute of Assembly Technology), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • MISIS (Steel and Alloys), Russia, Moscow\nInstitute of Aviation Materials, Russia, Moscow


  • Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany, Heidelberg

Project summary

Expected Results

Expected results of the project:

- elaborated technology for treatment of metal surface by intense ion beams;
- increasing wear resistance in 1,5-2,5 times;
- consignment of medical instruments:

1) sharpening surgery scalpels (big and small) - 500 units;
2) treatment of urological probe - 500 units;
3) treatment of medical implants - 500 units


One of the important problem of science and techniques is the development of the new technological methods of the surface treatment for improvement of the exploitation properties. One of the progressive method of the decision of this problem is the ion-rays treatment. In order to create fundamental full technological process with intense ion beams for surface treatment of different manufacturing articles (for example, of medical instrument and devices) it is necessary to investigate (to carry out deep theoretical and experimental investigations) influence of radiation regimes for physics-chemical state of surface and material properties. Use of these results can increase quality (service characteristics) of manufacturing articles. Most important part of this research sphere is intense pulsed ion beams, because it is not enough information about physics of processes in material during such radiation.

And data about relacsation processes in material after treatment with nanosecond beams are practically absent.

Application of intense ion beams for surface treatment does allow (for the first time in world practice):

- to form (in surface layers) structure-and-phase state with practically ideal crystalline net;
- to change structure of the surface layers as wanted;
- to obtain high-quality (high-accuracy) sharpening of the medical instruments (scalpels, scissors, etc.) by means of removal of fixed size of the material at the edge;
- to radiate surface up to 0,5 sq.m.;
- to increase work resource of the medical instrument in 2-2,5 times thanks to the improvement of all exploitation properties.

Plan of the project includes implementation of large complex of researches with using titanium alloys VT-1-0, VT-5, VT-6, stainless steel.

Radiation influence for material has several stages. Plan of project includes fixing information about material create on these stages. And this information with results of material test will do allow to light modification mechanisms of surface material. It will possible to create fundament for prediction of material properties and choose of optimal technological regimes as well.

Plan of project includes treatment of instrument consignment and implementation of real test of this instrument. Next results will be obtained (elaborated):

- intense ecological-pure technologies for surface treatment with intense ion beams (include restoration processes);
- documentation about this technologies.

There are complex of the scientific-research equipment and high-qualification specialists in organization-executors. And it is enough for implementation of this project.

This project has peace purposes only and it corresponds with aims of International and Research Center.