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ISTC Releases its New Annual Report 2009: 15 Years of International Science Cooperation and the Way Forward


Up to date, more than $835 million have been directly invested into projects carried out at Russian and CIS institutes to support areas of science such as Nuclear Energy, New Energy Sources, Medicine & Biotechnology, Aerospace, New Advanced Materials, and Environment.

Russian and UK Institutes Agree to Develop Joint Proposals for Space Research


The UK Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts MP, delivered the keynote address at an event held in London, supported by ISTC, that brought together experts from 4 of the most prestigious space research Institutes in Russia with their peers in the UK.

ISTC Delivers Keynote Address at First EU-Russia Innovation Forum in Finland


The participants of the event include the prime ministers of Finland and Russia, and over 500 conference guests from 15 countries.

Working Group on the Future of ISTC Gives Recommendations


The interim report identifies the global challenges and opportunities that require multilateral attention via a transformed ISTC.

Russian Cosmonaut Sergey Avdeev Calls for Action on Space Debris Problem


Read the press release issued following the international «Space Debris Mitigation» workshop

New Japan Ambassador to Georgia Visits ISTC Branch Office


The newly appointed Ambassador of Japan to Georgia, Masayoshi Kamohara, visited ISTC Georgian Branch Office for the first time and got acquainted with R&D projects carried out by the Center.

ISTC Contributes to Weapons-Grade Plutonium Disposal Program


Destruction of the weapon grade Plutonium requires significant research over possible technical options and development of optimal strategy and technical means.

ISTC Responds to Outcomes of the Nuclear Security Summit held in Washington, US, 12-14 April


The Summit resulted in a set of measures to improve nuclear security and ensure physical nuclear safety

ISTC Contributes to Securing Nuclear Materials


The US President announced in his April speech in Prague “a new international effort to secure all vulnerable nuclear material around the world within four years”.

ISTC and the Russian Government Collaborate to Build a Center for Nuclear Medicine Imaging in Snezhinsk


The ISTC Project supported the final design stage, i.e. assessment of radiation risks and calculation of shielding needed, development of the working design documentation needed to build the Positron Emission Tomography Center

ISTC starts discussing its transformation


The Governing Board of ISTC considers that an effective scientist engagement and partnership approach, such as that undertaken by ISTC, needs a transformation process in order to address matters of global security concern.

ISTC CEC Meeting


The Coordination Executive Committee (CEC) met in the ISTC Headquarter on 24-25 March 2010.

ISTC assists in the fight against drug resistant tuberculosis


The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report on 18 March 2010 indicating that drug resistant tuberculosis is now at record level. Read how ISTC is contributing to current research in this area.

Developing Russian and UK cooperation in the field of ultra-high intensity laser physics


ISTC has supported a meeting between Russian and UK experts in the field ultra-high intensity laser physics and technology

ISTC 15 Year Anniversary Videoclip


Governments and other ISTC stakeholders reassert their confidence to the Center during the conference The Way Forward