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Federal State Budgetary Institution Federal Centre for Animal Health (FGI ARRIAH)

Yur’evets, Vladimir, 600900, Russia,600900 Yur'evets




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    The All-Union FMD Research Institute was founded on the 20th of August 1958 and in 1992 it was given a new name the All-Russian Research Institute for Animal Health (ARRIAH) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation in connection of widening its functions; since 2003 it is the Federal Centre for Animal Health (FGI ARRIAH).

    At present the ARRIAH is a powerful scientific and production unit which keeps a stable position on the market of veterinary preparations and guarantees the high quality of manufactured products.

    The main target of the Centre is the development of preparations and methods for diagnosis, prophylaxis and control of infectious diseases and production of highly efficient, ecologically safe preparations.

    1200 staff-members including 17 Doctors and 120 Candidates of Sciences work in the Centre. The Centre has the post-graduate course.

    The Centre carries out researches in the framework of several Federal Scientific and Technical Programmes of priority orientation: "Veterinary Favourable Situation", "Biological Security", as well as international projects and develops scientific and technological cooperation with institutions of USA, France, Germany, Finland, Poland, CIS-countries. The Centre has a Dissertation Council for defending theses for the Candidate and Doctor degrees. For the period of Centre's existence more than 200 Candidate and 28 Doctor theses were defended. The scientific library has a stock of 100 thousand books.

    At the 63rd OIE General Session held in May 1993 (Paris) the Centre was given the status of the OIE Regional Reference Laboratory for FMD for the countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia and at the 65th OIE General Session it was conferred the status of the OIE Collaborating Centre for Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases for the same countries.

    Comprehensive diagnostic investigations are carried out in the Centre. About 1000 samples of pathologic materials and more than 80000 samples of sera are delivered annually in the Centre from different regions for holding retrospective diagnosis and determination of the animal immune status.

    The strategic conception of infectious disease control is based on the development of scientifically grounded programmes for prophylaxis and eradication of a number of highly dangerous diseases using the most effective methods suitable for current conditions.

    The Centre's specialists carry out observations on farms, render consulting assistance, participate in the arrangement of treatment and prevention measures and make forecasts. They offer services in isolation and identification of viral and microbial agents, causing diseases in cattle, pigs and poultry, and in diagnosing diseases on farms.

    The main goal of the Centre is to satisfy demands and requirements of potential consumers. The following trends in Centre's activities are of paramount importance: investigation of consumers' needs, development of necessary products and rendering consulting services, establishment of optimal prices, arrangement of urgent deliveries of medical preparations to every spot of Russia and other countries. Extensive and various links of the Centre allow to expand mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with both home and foreign partners.

    The Centre has 24 regional representations on the territory of Russia and several representations abroad. For 4 years (1997-2000) the Centre was awarded the "Honorary Diploma of the Best Russian Exporter" of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for outstanding contribution to expansion of foreign economic relations of Russia, development of national production and export, high professional culture.


    Basic orientation of work

    The strategy of animal infectious disease control is based on the development of scientifically grounded programmes aimed at prevention and eradication of outbreaks on farms on the basis of epidemic situation analysis. The work is carried out in the following laboratories for:

    – Diseases, Common for Different Animal Species,
    – Molecular Diagnosis of Bovine Diseases,
    – Marek's Disease,
    – Porcine Diseases,
    – FMD and Vesicular Diseases,
    – Poultry Diseases,
    – Vaccine Preparations,
    – Emerging Diseases,
    – Molecular Diagnosis of Poultry Diseases,
    – Biotechnology,
    – Molecular Virology,
    – Microbiology with the Experimental Centre,
    – Epidemiology of Poultry Diseases,
    – Applied Virology,
    – Bovine Diseases.

    The Centre's specialists visit livestock farms in different regions with the aim of collecting samples, analyzing the epidemic situation and rendering practical assistance in eradication of infectious disease outbreaks.

    The Centre is involved in studying molecular biology of infectious disease agents and molecular epidemiology with the aim of improving existing and developing new preparations for diagnosis and prevention of livestock diseases.

    Diagnostic investigations

    The orientation of diagnostic investigations aimed at detection and differentiation of infectious agents and /or antibodies against them is as follows: poultry diseases, diseases of cattle and small ruminants, porcine diseases, canine diseases. Laboratory Research Officers give advices on diagnostic methods and measures of animal disease control. They carry out diagnostic investigations using both conventional (complement fixation, diffusion precipitation test, immunodiffusion, passive hemagglutination test, neutralization test, hemagglutination inhibition test) and up-to-date methods (ELISA, fluorescence antibody test, PCR and sequencing of agent genome fragments).

    About 1 000 samples of pathologic material and more than 80 000 samples of sera are delivered annually to the Centre from different regions. Isolation of infectious disease agents in laboratory animals and cell cultures (in susceptible animals, if needed), their identification and comparison with vaccine strains are made in the Centre. The Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has entrusted the ARRIAH with functions of the Federal BSE and Animal Rabies Diagnostic Centre (since 1999)

    Cooperation with the OIE and Ministry of Emergencies

    The Group of Epidemiology and Cooperation with the OIE is involved in forecasting the spread of highly dangerous animal infectious diseases and developing schemes of preventive immunizations. At present the Centre coordinates measures under the "Programme of joint actions of CIS-countries aimed at FMD prevention and control in the Commonwealth of Independent States" and the maintenance of the buffer zone in Transcaucasia at the financial support of FAO/OIE/EC.

    In 1994 the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation gave the Institute a Certificate for the right of carrying out emergency and salvage operations in emergency situations aimed at prevention and coping epidemics, as well as for the right of training specialists for veterinary emergency and salvage units.

    The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


    ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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