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Belarussian State University / Institute of Applied Physical Problems

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Full Name
A.N. Sevchenko Scientific Research Institute of Applied Physical Problems (IAPP)

7, Kurchatov str., Minsk, Belarus, 220064

375+17+ 2774906


ISTC Projects

  • 1544 - Natural Resources Remote Diagnostics
  • B-086 - Analyzer of Liquid Crystal Characteristics
  • B-1012 - Optical Microtransformers
  • B-1877 - Plant Productivity Monitoring
  • B-261 - Picosecond Range Oscilloscope
  • B-507 - Software for Satellite Monitoring

Tech areas

  • Monitoring and Instrumentation / Environment
  • Optics and Lasers / Physics
  • Other / Manufacturing Technology
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry / Chemistry
  • Other / Agriculture
  • Sensors and Signal Processing / Information and Communications
  • Measuring Instruments / Instrumentation
  • Air Pollution and Control / Environment
  • Other / Physics
  • Extraterrestrial Exploration / Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation


Scientific Research Institute of Applied Physical Problems of the BSU named by A.N.Sevchenko employs 198 teaching and research staff members of whom there are 16 Doctors of Science, 49 Candidates of Science, 9 professors, 30 associate professors. USSR State Prize laureates: Chernjavskij A.F., Beljaev B.I., Koljada A.A., Revinskij V.V.l; BSSR State Prizes laureates: Chernjavskij A.F., Ashkinadze D.A., Goncharov V.K., Voropaj E.S., Komarov F.F.; USSR Council of Ministers Prize Laureate: Chernjavskij A.F.; BSSR Council of Ministers Prize Laureates: Minko A.A., Bezborodov V.S., Jakovenko S.E., Abdulin A.Z., Konovalov V.A., Lapanik V.I., Muravskij A.A., Umrejko D.S., Vilenchits B.B.; Honored Workers of Science: Chernjavskij A.F., Umrejko D.S., Minko A.A.

For more than 30 years of existence of the Institute its employees got dozens of State Prizes. 37 doctoral and 232 Ph.D. theses were defended by the staff members of the Institute. More than 110 monographies, textbooks, manuals, reference books and collections of articles, more than 12000 scientific articles, theses of reports and other publications were published; 1260 copyright certificates for inventions and patents were received.


Luminescence, Optics of the Condensed Environments, Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry of Polymeric Materials and Natural Organic Compounds, Photonics, Technical Diagnostics, Remote Photometry, Laser-Location Systems, Radioholography, Laser Plasma Dynamics, Semi-Conductor Electronics, Optical Electronic Systems, Electronic Methods of Experimental Physics, Elionics, Optical Properties of Semiconductors, Functional Materials of Electronics, Metrological Maintenance of Experiment, Hydroacoustic Measurements, Information Measuring Systems, Ultrasound, Information Transfer and Processing, Numerical Modeling, Specialized Computing Systems, Information Technologies.


Spectroscopy and luminescence of the condensed and gas environments, including plasma. Development of new principles of creation of spectral equipment and diagnostic methods.

Research of diffusion of ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves in layered non-uniform environments.

Research of influence of nuclear and powerful electromagnetic radiations on structure and properties of semiconductors, metals and other materials of electronics and mechanical engineering.

Development of methods of statistical analysis and electronic measuring computing means for information processing of high-speed processes in modern experimental physics. Development of information technologies, information analytical, geoinformation and intellectual managing systems.

The Institute hosts three large scientific schools of thought:

– In the field of optics, spectroscopy and luminescence
– Physics of a firm body and semiconductors
– Radiophysics and computer science

In the field of optics, spectroscopy and luminescence methods and means of spectral-structural analysis of various substances, materials and plasmas are developed at the center. On their basis purposeful synthesis of new inorganic and organic compounds (liquid crystal materials for display units and directions, active and passive laser environments, optical environments for information recording, materials for information color coding and color rendering, fire- and explosion-proof heat-insulated polymeric materials, coloring agents for cancer therapy, etc.) is being carried out. Methods and devices for express diagnostics of concentration, temperature and speed of gas streams, dust and smoke emissions; definitions of contents of heavy metals in various environments; remote photometry for solving environmental problems; definition of contents of radon in air which are characterized by global novelty, correspond to international regulations and standards, possess high metrological reliability are created at the center. Serial production of such devices has been started.

In the field of physics of a firm body and semiconductors the theory and methods of ionic-beam alloying of semiconductors, metals and other materials are created. The system of through computer modeling of micro- and nanoelectronic technologies is created. Processes of flow formation in silicon, gallium arsenide and indium phosphide crystals are investigated. Principles of operating anticorrosive and catalytic properties of materials, new methods of receiving super firm and wear proof materials, new technologies of creation of electronic technical equipment with the help of ionic beams are developed. For the first time in the world ways of x-ray and gamma beams control are offered and created together with elements and systems of optics of hard quantums which have been tested and shown reliability and efficiency on powerful synchrotron complex JASPRI in Japan. Technological processes of growing large synthetic diamonds for tool-production and instrument purpose are developed. New products are created on the basis of natural and synthetic diamonds for their use in mechanical engineering and electronic technics.

In the field of radiophysics and computer science on the basis of studying interaction of microwave - radiation with dielectric materials new methods of analysis of physical properties and parameters of researched objects that has allowed to create radio holography means for contactless measurement of humidity, weight, density, thickness and other characteristics of dielectric materials are developed. Processes of formation of plasma streams under influence on metals and other materials of powerful laser pulses of various energy and duration are investigated. Methods and devices for detection forest fires centers are developed and created. New position-modular measuring computational means of various purpose; systems of real time definition of gas-plasma streams characteristics; systems of technological control of electronic and optoelectronic technical equipment, etc. are designed, created and introduced into national economy and educational process.

On the basis of studying distribution of ultrasound in moving environments ultrasonic flowmeters of liquid and gas of high accuracy are created, their serial production is organized. For equipping geological crews by modern search means with characteristics corresponding to the best world analogues the 960-channel computerized telemetering complex for seismic prospecting providing increase of efficiency of search of oil, gas and other minerals has been developed and created.

The Institute has modern accelerating technical equipment (electrons, protons and ions accelerators), plants for ion implantation into various materials; electronic microscopes; powerful laser systems, allowing to receive laser pulses of the set form and duration; optical and spectral equipment (tuneable lasers, spectrophotometers and spectrofluorimeters); measuring equipment; modern means of computer facilities.

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