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A.V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis

General information

Full Name
A.V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis (INKhS)

29, Leninskiy pr., Moscow, 117912, Russia




ISTC Projects

  • 1577 - Molybdenum Compounds
  • 1984 - Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Spent Fusion Fuel
  • 2126 - Disposal of Elemental-Organic Wastes
  • 2141 - Membrane Ozonation of Waste Waters
  • 2406 - Membrane-Microwave Complex for Destruction of Toxic Organic Chemicals
  • 2892 - Membranes for Transdermal Drug Delivery
  • 3168 - Materials with Antiseptic Protection
  • 3238 - Polymer-Diamond Nanocomposites
  • 3562 - Generation, Modeling and Diagnostics of Microwave Plasma

Tech areas

  • Basic and Synthetic Chemistry / Chemistry
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry / Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry / Chemistry
  • Magnetic Confinement Systems / Fusion
  • Hybrid Systems and Fuel Cycle / Fusion
  • Engineering Materials / Manufacturing Technology
  • High Performance Metals and Alloys / Materials
  • Waste Disposal / Environment
  • Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering / Chemistry
  • Water Pollution and Control / Environment
  • Air Pollution and Control / Environment
  • Materials Synthesis and Processing / Materials
  • Other / Biotechnology
  • Drug Discovery / Medicine
  • Environmental Health and Safety / Environment
  • Solid Waste Pollution and Control / Environment
  • Building Industry Technology / Other
  • Composites / Materials
  • Organic and Electronics Materials / Materials
  • Plasma Physics / Physics


    The Institute was organized in the system of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1934 and was named the Institute of Combustible Fossils.
    The Institute was created as a multidiscipline scientific institution, its main task was to do the detailed research of combustible fossils – oil, coal, shale oil, peat and sapropel – from the point of view of their genesis, the conditions of formation field, composition and physical-chemical and technological properties. According to it the following laboratories were developed:
    - the oil genesis and oilfield;
    - oil chemistry;
    - paraphase cracking;
    - hydrogenation;
    - chemical coal technology
    - coal genesis;
    - underground gasification of heavy oil.
    Nowadays the Institute consists of 23 research-scientific laboratories, 2 groups and technology development department.
    The total number of the staff is about 500 people among them 300 research specialists including 5 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 48 doctors and 139 candidates of sciences.
    The Institute specialists participate in scientific-research studies within the framework of home and foreign scientific funds.


  1. chemistry and oil and gas technology;
  2. petroleum production and oil geology.

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