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The 34th ISTC Workshop of Titanium Materials and their Manufacturing Technologies

The purpose of the event was to bring together international expert representatives of private business community, leading scientists, academicians and industrial specialists to exchange views on major issues of Ti materials and their future development. 

The main topics of the workshop include hot rapid expansion fabrication of Ti, biomedical applications, Ti powder 3D Printing and manufacturing, forging and casting of Ti. Participants from CIS, Ukraine, and Georgia raised a comprehensive dialogue and high-value networking opportunities in research and utilization of Ti materials.

On November 27 the experts had face-to-face technical meetings with interested Korean parties (for example, Osstem Implant Company and Kiswel R&D Center and etc.)
On the same day they visited Korean Airlines to review the cutting-edge applications of Ti in the airline industry. 

This workshop certainly proved the importance of international collaboration among participating countries to develop further potential projects and joint initiatives. 


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