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The 16th SAC Seminar “ENERGY SECURITY, HOW TO FURTHER THE TECHNOLOGY” was held in Almaty on October 22-23, 2013


The Scientific Advisory Committee of the ISTC organised the Seminar “ENERGY SECURITY, HOW TO FURTHER THE TECHNOLOGY”.The two-day event was focused on how technology could contribute to the fulfillment of the general objective of energy security, more particularly in ISTC countries, be they net energy producers or consumers.

ISTC Armenian Branch Office - 15 Year Anniversary


The Armenian Branch Office of ISTC celebrated the 15 year anniversary of its foundation – with the release of an informational brochure highlighting ISTC’s work in the country over the past 18 years. This publication presents a summary of ISTC’s contributions to Armenia, an overview of the results obtained by leading Armenian institutions in the framework of ISTC projects, as well as providing an interesting historical photo gallery.