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President of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia Attends the ISTC Workshop 'New Approaches to Science Cooperation'

The President of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Acad.R.Martirosyan, and the Chairman of the State Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Armenia, Prof.S.Arutunyan, attended the ISTC workshop, 'New Approaches to Science Cooperation and Results of ISTC Activity in Armenia' on 15 February in Yerevan, Armenia.

The Head of the Armenian Branch Office, Dr. Hamlet Navasardyan, noting ISTC’s positive role in the development of science in Armenia, presented ISTC’s plans for assisting international science cooperation with Armenia to an audience of over 80 attendees which included directors of institutes, leading researchers, government representatives, and the Armenian business community. 

Discussions were also held on the Armenian Government’s plans to stimulate research, Intellectual Property Right issues, and joint projects between ISTC and its Ukrainian sister organization, the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU). Further details on the presentations, and on the workshop itself, are available from the ISTC. 

On picture, Dr. Hamlet Navasardyan