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ISTC Scientific Strategy Meeting , Brussels, February 2015

Recently (25 February 2015) a Scientific Strategy Meeting was organized by the EU funding party and the ISTC to start the discussion on future funding priorities for the renewed ISTC, during this meeting various interested parties (ISTC Board Parties, partners, and other interested parties) took part in a discussion surrounding three main themes:

Working Session 1: identification of the future scientific priorities for the ISTC
Working Session 2: Funding mechanisms and role of semi-public and private entities
Working Session 3: Ientification for specific activities targeted for young scientists and other related topics

As result of this meeting three targeted initiatives (TI on Law Enforcement Technology, TI on Climate Change and Environment, Bioterrorism TI ) were formulated based on the discussions of the Strategy Meeting, which are submitted to the board for approval to develop further into full programsvarious documents