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US Graham Commission Visits ISTC

Deputy Executive Director Leo Owsiacki met with representatives of the USA Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation & Terrorism at ISTC headquarters in Moscow on September 23, 2008. The Head of the delegation and Chairman, Senator Bob Graham was accompanied by 8 Commission members including Congressman Tim Roemer, Ambassador Wendy Sherman,and other senior officials.

On the picture: DED L.Owsiacki (center) flanked by Acting DED T.Murray (right) & Snr.Science Coordinator T.Gremyakova (left) addressing the Graham Commission


The Commission was gathering information to include as part of a report of recommendations for future US funding of counter proliferation activities for the next Presidential Administration. Their interest focused on ISTC activities in the areas of biological sciences and commercialization support as well as its’ views with respect to what and where proliferation concerns may still remain.