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ISTC Daily Rates for Beneficiary Scientists Raised Significantly

ISTC Daily Rates for Beneficiary Scientists Raised Significantly

The Secretariat is pleased to announce an important change that was approved at the recent ISTC Governing Board meeting held in Moscow, July 17. The ISTC funding Parties have decided to increase the grants for Beneficiary Scientists working on Regular Projects. 

The new rates are applicable on projects approved for funding at the Board meeting of December 2008 and onwards. Current proposals under development that have not yet been registered at ISTC are eligible ie. those registered after July 17, 2008. On average there will be a 30% increase to the existing levels. 

These increases reflect the realities of the developing economies of both Russia and the CIS. ISTC encourages the development and submission of new science and technology projects to ISTC for funding consideration.

For further information on the new daily rates, or any aspects of ISTC’s work, please contact in the first instance the Principle Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Sergey Vorobiev (email:, who will be happy to assist you.

See the new daily rates: download