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The Technical University of Kenya Predicts that Kenyan Institutions Will Gain from ISTC

  The Technical University of Kenya (TUK) reported in its      bulletin January-April 2020 about the ISTC Management visit    to Kenya. It quotes Mr. Eddie Maier, Deputy Head of Unit,       DEVCO, who stated during a conference in Nairobi that ISTC    is seeking partnership with Kenya as a pioneer country in       Africa. The ISTC GB Chairman Ambassador Ronald Lehman   reminds to the readership that “when you venture into nuclear   energy, there must be a security aspect to be considered   from the beginning, and that will form part of our    conversation”.

  The TUK Bulletin predicts that in Kenya ISTC will be involved    in capacity building, training of staff and sharing experiences.    As a Ministry we have decided to become (ISTC) Member so    that we can benefit more”, says Mr.Peter Okwanyo,     Secretary  Administrative, University Education and Research   in the   Ministry of Education.

 Since 2017 ISTC was an important sponsor to the Kenyan   Young Generation in Nuclear, and the African Youth Nuclear   Summits. For Kenya the partnership with ISTC proved its   usefulness and remains promising in matters related to safe   application of nuclear science and technology.