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Virtual course on Export Control

This virtual course is for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students, academic and other professional researchers in life sciences. Life sciences are inherently and inextricably linked to concerns over the dual-use. The focus of the course is on raising awareness of the misuse potential and the responsibility of scientists as part of a wider approach to address issues around dual use materials, knowledge, and technologies. This responsibility includes reflection on ethical dilemmas and engagement in public dialogue as core strategies.

The course includes a modular set of slides and an annotated reading list, suitable for individual learning as well as adaptation in academic curricula. In addition to an introduction explaining the target audience and rationale for offering the course, the following modules are included: exploring core concepts; addressing the special role of scientists; discussion of professional ethical dilemmas; and raising contextual awareness.

The learning goals include basic knowledge about what constitutes dual use life sciences and technologies and about the regulatory context, practical understanding of core ethical concepts and general awareness of ethical dilemmas and possible strategies for handling them.

Key words: responsible research, dual use life sciences, export control

Virtual course