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Prof., Academician Ulmas Mirsaidov is main the Research Scientist of the 
Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan. He was previously Director of the V.I. Nikitin Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences, Republic of Tajikistan (1988-2003), President of the Academy of Sciences, Republic of Tajikistan (1995-2005), Director of the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency at the Academy of Sciences (2005-2017), Republic of Tajikistan. Fields of his research include the Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Hydrides and Mineral raw Materials, Radiation Safety and Security, and Radioecology. His works have had practical applications in the treatment and recovery of materials from waste from Tajik aluminum and Isfara hydrometallurgical plants. His awards include The Kurnakov Medal; Tajikistan's Lenin Komsomol Prize; the Order of Dusty of the Republic of Tajikistan, Abu Ali Ibn Sino State Awards, ISESCO award, and TWAS award. Professor Mirsaidov is a member of The Academy of Sciences, Republic of Tajikistan; International Academy of Sciences, Industry, Education and Culture, California; The International Association of the Academies of Sciences; the Association of the Academies of Sciences of Asian Countries (IAP), and TWAS. Under Professor Mirsaidov's supervision have been defended 15 post-doctoral and more than 50 PhD thesis's. There are academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences among his students. He is the author of 550 scientific articles, 35 monographers, 85 patents and copyright certificates. 
Being the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan and at the same time the Member of Majlisi Milli Majlisi Oli Republic of Tajikistan (upper House of Parliament) Prof., Academician Ulmas Mirsaidov played a key role the Republic of Tajikistan joining the ISTC Agreement in 2003. Under his supervision the Tajik Branch Information Office of the ISTC has been arranged and was opened in September of 2003. Professor Mirsaidov has been a permanent CC Member of the ISTC since 2003.
The Award of Commonwealth Stars includes an award of the sum of 2 million Rubles. Prof. Ulmas Mirsaidov has decided to spend this sum for the building of the new premises for the Istaravshan (North Tajikistan) children's home (orphanage), as the old premises is a rather small and a very old building.