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ISTC Participates in the Implementers Forum of the EU CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative

As part of its transition ISTC became engaged with the implementation of a number of EU regional projects in Central Asia, the Middle East and in Africa. This has made the Center a significant interlocutor in the discussions over key operational and practical issues during the 2019 Implementers’ Forum of the European Union Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Risk Mitigation (CBRN)  Centres of Excellence, (CoE). 
The ISTC Executive Director David Cleave took part in the meeting, accompanied by Henk Visser, SPM, and Kamen Velichkov, SPM and Diplomatic Advisor. 
The Forum was convened by Unit B5 – Security, Nuclear Safety of the EC Directorate General DEVCO on 17 January 2019, in Brussels. Its objectives were to give the implementers the possibility to exchange good practices about four main topics: EU CoE outreach and visibility; the need for a culture-sensitive approach; the selection of trainees and experts; and the organization of the events in the regions.
Dr. Eddie Maier, Deputy Head of Unit, chaired the meeting attended by 42 representatives of 19 entities currently implementing the EU CBRN CoE projects, as well as representatives from the European Commission and European Union External Action Service.
In the course of the discussions Henk Visser, from SCJS and ISTC, gave some example of criteria to select trainees with relevant profiles for participating in the projects’ activities. ISTC also shared positive experiences from the interaction with the EU delegations in countries participating in the project Support to the Southern African countries in nuclear safety and safeguards.