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The Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non‑Proliferation recently published the first publication under the VCDNP's European Non-Proliferation and Security Initiative (ENSI) – the article Promoting a Scientist’s Duty of Care 4.0 by Adriaan van der Meer.

The paper argues for the need to introduce and strengthen more flexible forms of cooperation at the grassroots level in order to deal with current non-proliferation challenges. There is an important role to play for scientists, engineers, academicians, experts and others working at different types of organizations: profit and non-profit. The rapidly changing security environment, as well as the considerable time lag in mitigating such risks through legislative frameworks, increasingly call for such cooperation. Reinforcement of these forms of cooperation is beneficial to the preventive approach to mitigating security risks and threats. The article outlines the possible contribution of ISTC and STCU in that regard. Adriaan van der Meer is a retired Official of the European Commission currently participating in the EC's Active Senior program. He was posted as EU Head of Delegation in Cyprus and Kazakhstan and carried out the function of Executive Director at the International Science and Technology Centre in Moscow. Before retirement, he managed the EU Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation and the long-term component of the EU Instrument for Stability and Peace at the European Commission in Brussels. The content of the paper only represents his personal views.

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