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DECISION of the IX International Symposium «Combustion and Plasma Chemistry»


of the IX International Symposium

 «Combustion and Plasma Chemistry»


The IX International Symposium “Combustion and Plasma Chemistry” was held in Almaty city, the Republic of Kazakhstan during September 13 - 15, 2017.

The participants of the IX International Symposium “Combustion and Plasma Chemistry”, which is held regularly every two years in Almaty city since 2001, were greeted by Prof. Mansurov Z. A., who is General Director of the RSE “Institute of Combustion Problems” of the Committee of Science of MES RK.

It should be noted that this conference is held with financial support of ISTC, which allocated $ 20,000, and this allowed inviting the leading scientists from near and far – abroad countries. The participants of the conference have expressed their gratitude to the management of ISTC.

The program of symposium and conference has covered the following areas of scientific and practical research:

1.Combustion theory. Flame structure

2.Kinetics and mechanism of chemical reactions

3.Nanomaterial and nanotechnologies

4. Turbulent combustion

5. Chemical processes modeling

6.Plasma chemistry, fundamental and applied aspects

7.Formation of soot and fullerenes in combustion processes 

8. Technological combustion

9. Self-propagating high temperature synthesis 

10. Mechanochemical processes

11.Thermal processes during oil and gas processing

The participants of this scientific event were representatives of the academic communities from the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Italy, Japan, Germany, Georgia and Turkey. 

42 reports were delivered in plenary and four sectional sessions. 53 poster presentations were presented.

Throughout the entire world, new forms of communication are being pursued, thus the joint scientific projects and international conferences are of particular importance.scientific cooperation and long-term partnerships between scientific teams of the CIS countries and colleagues from the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Italy, Japan, Germany, Georgia and Turkey were created.

The interest in the field of combustion and plasma chemistry, including nanotechnology, in leading industrial countries continues to grow.

The most relevant and important reports were recommended by the Organizing Committee for publication in “Eurasian Chemical-Technological Journal” and International Journal “Combustion and Plasma Chemistry”.



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Annual Reports

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