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On the fringes of the ISTC GB 63 in Tbilisi, Executive Director David Cleave holds a meeting with senior diplomats at the MFA to discuss the ratification of the ISTC Continuation Agreement by Georgia and to assess the bilateral cooperation

On 7 December 2016 ISTC Executive Director David Cleave met at the MFA in Tbilisi with Temur Kelelidze, Deputy Director of Security Policy and Euro-Atlantic Integration Department, and Ms. Maia Tushurashvili, Deputy Director of International Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs Department on topics pertaining to the cooperation between ISTC and Georgia and the country’s CBRN National Action Plan. During the meeting it became clear that the Ministry will submit shortly to Parliament the documentation for ratification of the ISTC Continuation Agreement and the Branch Office Agreement in view for the procedure to be accomplished early next year.