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The International forum “Future Energy: Energy for everyone”

The International forum “Future Energy: Energy for everyone” was conducted in Astana on 14th of September.

This was one of the key thematic events, which the national company “Astana EXPO-2017” is organizing on the eve of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO in Astana.

This Forum concludes the series of three annual Future Energy forums, consisting of the following topics: reduction of CO2 emissions, energy efficient lifestyle, and energy for all. The event became a great platform for research projects on the theme and sub-themes of EXPO-2017.

Based on the agreement between the International Science and Technology Center ( and the “NC Astana EXPO – 2017”, ISTC invited three EU and Japanese experts to the Forum.  The experts presented the issues related to the development potential of sustainable energy, energy conservation and efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as the role of international organizations in achieving these goals.

ISTC is one among the 18 international organizations which confirmed its participation at the Exhibition in Astana.  ISTC have great interest to work on EXPO projects and make a contribution to Kazakhstan by bringing international expertise and knowledge through ISTC’s network of experts.  “The forthcoming exhibition can provide a good platform for exchange of experience and discussion of various outstanding projects which as a result can bring a positive impact to the country”, - said David Cleave, the ISTC Executive Director, at the opening speech of the Forum.

In total, the Forum was attended by representatives of over 60 international organizations.