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Kazakhstan becomes home to International Science and Technology Center

On 22nd June 2015, ISTC Member States initialed ISTC Continuing Agreement formalizing the relocation of ISTC headquarters from Moscow to Astana. 

The ceremony coincided with the 60th meeting of ISTC Governing Board.

The initialing of ISTC Continuing Agreement heralds and paves the way for a new chapter for ISTC, whereby the Government of Kazakhstan officially takes over as the host country of ISTC.

ISTC considers this transition period as an opportunity to develop a new and more efficient strategy towards the main idea of ISTC – safe and prosperous world. 

President Nursultan Nazarbayev previously expressed his “deep gratitude” for the work of ISTC and said he was “looking forward to continuous cooperation with ISTC for the sake of world peace and progress”.

Speaking on behalf of the Governing Board, Chairman Dr. Ronald Lehman expressed his warmest appreciation to President Nursultan Nazarbayev and to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for inviting and hosting ISTC in their country and to Nazarbayev University for providing an excellent and collegial work environment.

There are strong links between the research and business communities of Kazakhstan and ISTC. Since Kazakhstan became a member of ISTC in 1995, partners of ISTC funded 184 projects worth 66 million USD in different fields of science. All major Kazakhstani research and development institutes have participated in ISTC projects, some of which in collaboration with other international partners. The projects have generated high-quality basic research and helped bring research to the market place. 

In December 2011, Kazakhstan agreed to host the new ISTC headquarters, and a decision was taken to locate the facility at Nazarbayev University. Nazarbayev University generously made available interim office space, opened in June 2014, where ISTC will be housed until a permanent facility is completed in spring 2017.